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The following troops need our Prayers and Letters. Please add these servicemembers to your prayers and send a letter or card to each of them personally. For instructions and the mailing address, please visit the web site www.OperationPAL.com. This list, information, and mailing address is kept up-to-date on the web site.

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact Angie Regan, the manager of Operation PAL toll fee 888-881-8762, extension 109 or via email at oppal@MarineParents.com.

Operation PAL Participant
SSGT., Brandon

1/7 USMC
Date Added: 11-21-14
Last Updated On: 10/29/2014
08-18-2014 United States Marine Corps Staff Sergeant Brandon was severely injured by a hostile attack in Afghanistan in August 2014. SSgt Brandon was on combat patrol when an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) detonated. Brandon was in close proximity to the IED, taking off both legs, fracturing his pelvis and causing other injuries including a broken tailbone and broken right hand. He has been amputated above the left knee and below the right knee. UPDATE: 09-07-2014 A brief, but encour...

Operation PAL Participant
USMC , David

Medically Retired
Date Added: 2/14/2014
Last Updated On: 7/22/2015
David, or "Moose" as just about everybody calls him, enlisted in the Marines in 2008 shortly after graduation. He was injured in late 2010 while on a tour in Afghanistan. Moose has been diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury and PTSD. He is quite honest about his struggles with memory loss, constant headaches & migraines, loss of vision in his left eye, irritability, twitches, balance issues and PTSD Symptoms. He is currently medically retired and 100% disabled. Moose has a wife, Li...

Operation PAL Participant
Sgt., Aaron

1/9 USMC
Date Added: 2/14/2014
Last Updated On: 9/7/2014
Sgt. Aaron was critically injured when he stepped on an IED while on patrol in Afghanistan. He has undergone multiple surgeries and both legs had to be amputated. Please pray for Sgt. Aaron and his family. We understand that Aaron remains positive and upbeat in the midst of it all. He has amazing strength and courage. They are all coping the best they can. Your prayers will help the most! As soon as we have an address, we can forward letters to him. UPDATE: 02-26-2014 "Slow and Stea...

Operation PAL Participant
Cpl., Casey

1/3 USMC
Date Added: 2/4/2014
Last Updated On: 9/7/2014
02/04/2014: LCpl. Casey was injured after rushing to the aid of a fellow comrade who stepped on an explosive device. He was on his second deployment to Afghanistan. According to his mother, Kelly, "Casey was carrying a wounded British paratrooper to safety and was fired upon. They (the group) ran for cover and after the gun fire stopped, they continued to safety with the injured paratrooper. Casey was in front and stepped on a pressure plate. No one else was injured." Casey lost his right ...

Operation PAL Participant
Cpl., Craig

1/7 Charley Co. USMC
Date Added: 12/15/2013
Last Updated On: 6/19/2015
Corporal Craig USMC was brutally attacked and shot in the head by persons unknown in the early hours of December 2012 in the small town of Desert Hot Springs CA. He was stationed in 29 Palms USMC Base after returning in October 2012 from deployment to Afghanistan, where he worked as a machine gunner and went on over 300 combat missions including heavy participation in Operation Jaws. Craig has been described as the "heart and soul" of his company, the Suicide Charley's of the 1/7, and he p...

Operation PAL Participant
Sgt., Tom

Army Ranger
Date Added: 10/14/2013
Last Updated On: 6/10/2014
This fall, Sgt Tom was injured in an IED explosion during a combat mission that also fatally injured fellow soldiers. This was Sgt. Tom's fourth deployment to Afghanistan. Sgt. Tom lost his right eye, damaged his left eye and suffered a collapsed lung in the blast. Despite his injuries, Tom is alert and continues to have a positive attitude. He has undergone several surgeries so far and has been busy with physical, occupational and speech therapy. His left eye is expected to heal. His ...

Operation PAL Participant
SSGT, Charles

Date Added: 6/15/2013
Last Updated On: 5/30/2014
SSGT Charles was injured in May of 2013 when his vehicle rolled over an IED and it exploded under his side of the vehicle. He suffered a shattered pelvis and internal injuries. He is still recovering in ICU. The biggest concern is infection as his body has suffered a great deal of trauma and he has undergone several surgeries. It is reported that he is making a great deal of progress and still has his sense of humor. His spirits were really lifted when OT brought a motorized wheelchair in h...

Operation PAL Participant
SGT, Robert

Date Added: 3/25/2013
Last Updated On: 7/15/2015
In late fall of 2012 SGT Rob was critically injured while conducting operations in southern Afghanistan as part of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF). While out on foot patrol, Rob stepped on an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) and lost both of his legs making him a bilateral above knee amputee. He also sustained injuries to his right hand including partial amputation of his pointer, middle, and index fingers. Since Rob's arrival back to the States he has undergone many surgeries and worked ve...

Operation PAL Participant
Sgt., Sergio

Date Added: 7/18/2012
Last Updated On: 5/30/2013
We found out about a Marine who, after having made it through deployment, has gotten some terrible news. He was in Sergeants Course, and he and his wife noticed red dots (plachia) all over his body. They didn't think any of it but he was feeling more tired everyday, having more bloody noses, constant headaches. He went into medical for a PULLED HAMSTRING. The doctor who checked him out did her job and had his blood tested. His platelet count was extremely low (10,000 vs. normal 150,000) and wh...

Operation PAL Participant
Sgt., Helaina

Army National Guard
Date Added: 7/14/2012
Last Updated On: 8/21/2013
Army Sgt. Helaina is a military policewoman who was the victim of a suicide bomber in Afghanistan in June 2012. She suffered what is described as "a shattered leg and other injuries". We know that explosions create injuries too many to mention and are usually lumped together in the "other" category. Please pray that her body heals quickly. Helaina's mother Jeannine, a nurse, is by her side as she recovers wile her Dad remains at home to keep things going there. She needs to regain her health in ...

Operation PAL Participant
LCpl., Sean

Date Added: 6/7/2012
Last Updated On: 2/26/2014
Lance Corporal Sean was injured in Afghanistan in early February, 2012. His right arm and both hands were described as maimed. He lost both legs, had a broken jaw and some shrapnel in his eye. In three months he has come a long way but still has a long way to go. He was granted leave for Memorial Day and went home for a visit. His friends and family were excited to see him. He's already back at the hospital so send him a card to keep his spirits up while he works on his recovery away from home...

Operation PAL Participant
Sgt., Brian

Army-Medically Retired 01-28-14
Date Added: 9/14/2011
Last Updated On: 6/28/2015
We have received a request for cards from an Army wife. Jennifer's husband, Brian, sustained many severe injuries from an IED attack in Afghanistan in early August 2011. We understand he opens his eyes when someone talks to him but there is no communication yet. He has lost both legs below the knee, at least one finger and both arms have fractures. He also has hearing damage, and the concussive force of the explosion caused a traumatic brain injury. They are so young to be dealing with this an...

Operation PAL Participant
LCpl., Kevin

MAG 12
Date Added: 11/1/2009
Last Updated On: 2/26/2014
(Please Print when you write to Kevin.) We met Lance Corporal Kevin and his Mom when the Purple Heart Family Support provided a meal at the hospital. He and his Mom came in for some burritos and salad. He suffered a severe head injury in March and will have a very long recuperation. Mom said they would like to know they are not alone in this struggle. You can help them by sending good wishes from wherever you are. Update: 2/20/2010 We've been in touch with Kevin's family and Mom says he...

Operation PAL Participant
LCpl. , Jesse

Date Added: 9/9/2009
Last Updated On: 4/17/2014
Lance Corporal Jesse survived an IED blast Aug 6 in Afghanistan that killed 4 others. The blast not only caused severe lower extremity injuries but threw him 75 feet. His Dad said he'd like to receive some sunshine in the mail from you so please write him a note. Jesse, we will be with you during this recovery. There are many in this country who will be praying you get better quickly! Update: December 20, 2009 One of Jesse's lower legs had to be amputated. Jesse's Dad says that he's now ...

Operation PAL Participant
Sgt., Eddie

Date Added: 6/29/2009
Last Updated On: 2/28/2014
Eddie was shot twice in the head in April 2005. One bullet hit his jaw but the other went into his brain. Eddie has been in the fight of his life and is doing better than anyone expected but still has far to go. His Mom says he loves to hear from people so let him know you are out there. They will be so appreciative. Update: 7/9/2009 Sergeant Eddie received the good news this week that he has been removed from the Marine Corps' permanent retirement list and reinstated today. This is the b...

Operation PAL Participant
HM2, Anthony

2/7 Fox CO.
Date Added: 6/6/2007
Last Updated On: 6/10/2015
HM2 Anthony was injured on April 20, 2007 when a vehicle full of explosives was detonated under the overpass his Marines were guarding. He and 7 others were injured in the incident. Anthony sustained a severe head injury, an injury to his lower back, a punctured right lung and minor scrapes and scratches on his legs, hands, arms and face. Anthony is the 'Doc' of the group and he takes great pride in his job and in "his" Marines who were so lucky to have his wonderful care. Update: December...

Operation PAL Participant
LCpl. , John D.

2/7 Weapons
Date Added: 3/12/2007
Last Updated On: 11/10/2013
Lance Corporal John received two gunshot wounds to the leg while on combat operations in Iraq in March 2007. He has nerve damage and will need extensive repair work to be done. (John subsequently suffered a major brain injury) Update: 7/3/07: LCpl. John has been fitted with a leg brace & is currently walking & doing well in his recovery. Update: 1/26/08 Chris (John's Mom)called to say John has been in a coma for 9 days now. He was doing well - taking pre-law classes - doing an internship ...

Operation PAL Participant
Cpl, Joshua

1/24 Alpha CO
Date Added: 2/15/2007
Last Updated On: 6/19/2013
Corporal Joshua was shot in the neck in January 2007. At this point he quadriplegic. His mother tells us that when he gets mail it just brightens his day! Update Feb 2007 He is paralyzed from the shoulders down and working through rehab to regain any functionality he will have. Update Feb 2008 Joshua is finally able to have an outing, although there were three medical personnel in tow. Mom says he loves to be able to see outside and finally he's been out to the park. He loves the cards a...

Operation PAL Participant
LCpl. , Colin

2/8 Weapons CO.
Date Added: 11/15/2006
Last Updated On: 5/16/2012
Lance Corporal Colin was shot in the head while on patrol in November 2006. Update: 12/01/2006 Colin was taken off the breathing machine and had opened his eyes. God Bless Our Marines! Update: 12/12/06 Even though he was initially thought to be brain-dead, he recognizes his family, has regained some use of one arm and even plays tic-tac-toe with his father, according to his mother. Update: January 2007 He is doing well but is expected to be in the hospital for a few months yet. Please...

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