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Information and Updates for Sgt. Eddie with 3/2
Last Update: 2/28/2014             << Back to list

Operation PAL Participant Eddie was shot twice in the head in April 2005. One bullet hit his jaw but the other went into his brain. Eddie has been in the fight of his life and is doing better than anyone expected but still has far to go. His Mom says he loves to hear from people so let him know you are out there. They will be so appreciative.

Update: 7/9/2009 Sergeant Eddie received the good news this week that he has been removed from the Marine Corps' permanent retirement list and reinstated today. This is the best news he could ever hear after receiving word last May that he had been retired. He says that it is his honor to serve our country. Since his injury, his motivation has been to recover and respond to the call of duty again, back in the Marine Corps. Last month, a three-star general called Sgt. Eddie and his family to tell him that their request for his reinstatement was being put through. The general told them "This is what Marines do for their own." As part of the process, he will get his photo taken and receive a new identification card. Sgt. Eddie said it was a real "thumbs up." We honor you Sgt. Eddie for your determination to get strong and your dedication to our country! Please pray for his continued healing and send him words of encouragement. Semper Fi Sgt. Eddie!!

Update: 2/20/2010 We received a 'thank you' from Eddie's family we'd like to share with you.
"Dear Friends at OperationPAL,
Thank you so much for thinking of us. It means a great deal to our family. The cards and letters we receive are wonderful and it is so much more for our son, Eddie.
He is determined and focused and his goal is to regain much of what he has lost. He knows he can achieve that with the support from friends like you. It is what keeps this family strong and motivated to do what we do.

We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation for your thoughtfulness and kindness. Thank you for your words of encouragement and thank you for your gift of friendship. God bless and keep you. Sincerely, Eddie's family."

Update: 6/19/2010 Eddie's Mom just sent a quick note to thank everyone for continuing to support them. She said that Eddie loves receiving the cards and letters, which are beautiful, funny and colorful.
They feel sustained by the prayers of the people and thank God every day for bringing them through. She says she would love to be able to give each one of you a hug.

Update: 11/15/2010 We were able to meet Eddie after the Marine Corps Marathon. He and his teammate Bryan were surrounded by well-wishers. It was an awesome accomplishment that will be remembered for a lifetime. We have some pictures to share in our 11/18/2010 OperationPAL Newsletter. His family gave a special shout out to Linda for the constant flow of good wishes and caring thoughts.
You have all made Eddie's progress possible, according to Chris and Angie, and they thank you so very much.

Update: 11/24/2010 from the whole family to OperationPAL card writers: ".... just wanted to wish you and your family a very blessed Thanksgiving...we are so thankful for your friendship and support and we wanted you to know how much you mean to us...May your day be filled with peace, joy and laughter. God Bless you...with Love and special thoughts of you.
Angie, Chris, Felicia and OOO-Rah & Semper Fi from Sgt. Eddie"

Update: May 21, 2011 from Mom - Eddie is stronger this year and wants to do the Marathon again in October. The logistics to make it happen are huge and they hope he will again be able to participate.
Meanwhile, Eddie's sister had a baby and he will be the baby's Godfather. The whole family is elated. We are happy they have a new boy in the family (we mistakenly wrote that it was a girl in the newsletter - sorry about that.)
Mom says the cards and letters continue to keep them all motivated and want to let you know how much they are appreciated. Even Eddie left us a voicemail to say "Thanks" - if you copy/paste this into your browser, you can hear it too!

Update: 7/26/2011 We found a photo of Eddie and Bryan taken during the Marine Corps Marathon last October and thought you'd like to see it. They worked hard to earn those finisher's medals. TWENTY SIX POINT TWO MILES is a LOOOOOONG way!

Update: 7/28/2011 It's official for this year! Here's the note we received this morning from Angie: "Just a note to let you all know that Sgt. Eddie will be participating once again in the Marine Corps Marathon this October. He will be running (w/adapted hand cycle) with team America 4R Marines. His desire is to raise monies for his brother Marines and for our Navy Corpsman still in harm's way. Below you will see a link to his fundraising webpage. We greatly appreciate you visiting the page and to help spread the word. All donations are tax deductible and greatly appreciated. We are so very proud of our son, who is a testimony of God's grace & mercy, and we are in awe of his courage, motivation and desire...OohRah!! God bless our troops!! Thank you to all. Sincerely, Angie & Chris"

Update: 11/20/2011 Well sometimes no matter how hard we try, nature gets in the way. Eddie's plans to be in the Marine Corps Marathon this year were dashed when a very early snowfall blanketed his home with over a foot of it. When Angie called it still had not stopped. They were unable to plan a long trip with Eddie and all of his equipment when the roads were dangerous. They were all heartbroken but said 'there's always next year'. We hope so too.
As much as they didn't want to do it, the family is having to move closer to a facility where Eddie can receive ongoing treatments and therapy.
This has to be a huge undertaking and we wish them a smooth move and much happiness in their new home.

Update: 5/13/2012 from Angie - She sends to each and every one of you a virtual bouquet of pink roses and says "Happy Mother's Day to all the special ladies in my life..."
This family always comments how appreciative they are of your continuing thoughts and prayers. She feels lucky to have such support. We know Eddie is lucky to have her.

Update: 06/29/2013. We received an email from Angela recently...she had this to say about Sgt Eddie:
"Hello Angie, My apologies for getting back to you so late, but things are quite busy around here and unfortunately it takes me a while to respond to all our e-mails. I would like to first thank you and all our dear OPPAL writers. The cards and letters we receive are WONDERFUL!! The Sgt. looks forward to them and is able to read them aloud to us. As the packets come in, we put aside a special time in the evening to "read the mail" and I can't begin to tell you how really nice it is. It warms my heart so because I think back to the time when the doctors said that IF Eddie lived, he would not remember who he was or who his parents were and pretty much not be able to do anything - and, so, when we see the amazing will and determination he has and all that he has gone through and still goes through.....we are so inspired and blessed. All the wonderful friends that write (and a lot of them we've come to know very well) help Eddie to stay strong and motivated and is driven by that connection - it's so fantastic!! We feel so much joy for him. Please let all our writers know how much we appreciate the lovely cards, letters and drawings....each is read, enjoyed and SAVED! The Sgt. is making great progress with the continuing medical treatment and therapies which, of course, we make sure he receives. He is also doing aqua therapy, really loves being in the water....he says that he feels "liberated" .....nice! He is starting to get more movement in his legs and right arm and just this past Monday, the doctors were so impressed by his improvements that they cut his medications in half and if all goes well in two to three months he can be medication free! This is huge because the medication he's been on has been for seizures and had been very high. Eddie has been seizure free since 2007 (Thank God) and since that time the doctors have been weaning him off slowly. The Sgt. IS EXCITED about that…he is feeling so good about himself and we couldn't be prouder or happier. His desire is to get it ALL back and we will stand here beside him to see that he gets it. God bless him and those who serve and sacrifice! They are just so amazing. Please tell everyone THANK YOU OOO=Rah & Semper Fi from Sgt. Eddie"

UPDATE: 02-28-14. We recieved an Email from Eddie's mom, Angela, and wanted to share it with all of you.

Hi Angie,

"Thank you for keeping in touch. We certainly appreciate and look forward to receiving the wonderful cards and letters. They really put a smile on the Sgt's face and we are happy to read along with him. Our sincerest thanks to all!!!

Unfortunately, this past week Eddie suffered a major seizure which landed us in the hospital for a couple of days. It was the first he has had since December of 2007. Eddie is doing fine now and his medications have been adjusted, but let me tell you, it really put a scare on us. We had just come home from a therapy session and as I was getting him settled in at home, it happened. Thank God my husband was at home! He was in his wheelchair at the time and my husband kept him safe and steady until the ambulance came. He had stopped breathing and his lips were turning blue. Immediately they administered the oxygen and IV to stabilize him. Remembering that 911 call I had to make sends shivers up my spine. It was so scary to see him this way. We thought that we were going to lose our boy. My husband and I were on our knees praying to God for His intervention. I praise God for His hand upon us, for He answered our desperate cries. Even after we had arrived at the hospital, he had suffered another and the medical team quickly went to work. We thank God for them. They were so wonderful and tended to his every need. He is doing better now and he is as he was before the seizure, but we are constantly monitoring him.

Since he had not had a seizure for so long, the doctor had slowly started to wean him off of the meds, in fact, we were at a pretty low dosage and were doing fine until it happened. So, looks like we will have to come up a bit with the meds for now. Please keep us in your prayers. Those are always wanted and needed as are the cards and letters. please keep them coming as well. God Bless you all for your love and support. You are Gods angels!!

Sincerely, Angie Ryan
(Mother-of-Marine) Sgt. Eddie Ryan"

Sounds like we need to work a little OPPAL magic and send some extra special prayers and encouragement Sgt. Eddie's way.

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